Daycare Toddlers (1yr - 2yrs)

Toddler Program

Toddlers are in an environment where they are encouraged to interact and play. They experience circle time, books, music, dancing, games, as well as potty training and hand washing, and saying "please" and "thank you".    


We have a wide variety of books for reading and use every opportunity to talk about colors and shapes, counting, and the alphabet.

Social and Emotional

We encourage taking turns and sharing throughout our day, and helping to clean up when we are done.


"Please" and "thank you" are taught early on. We read and sing often throughout the day and encourage the toddlers to repeat new words.

Fine Motor

Toddlers learn to wash their hands and use utensils during meal times. They also have a variety of puzzles, blocks, and sorting toys to play with.

Gross Motor

We have a fenced back yard with numerous play houses and small climbing equipment. Toddlers enjoy catching, throwing, and kicking balls as well as running around and having a good time.


We have exciting weekly child care themes which incorporate the core developmental areas with fun learning experiences.

Real-Time Updates

We use the Brightwheel app which allows us to give real-time day care updates on bottle feedings, diaper changes, meals, naps, as well as sending notes, photos, and videos.  

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