Daycare Infants (newborn - 1 yr)

Infant program

We provide an environment where our daycare children are encouraged to interact and develop strong relationships. Each infant is given individualized personal child care. Infants are stimulated through music, exercise, facial and verbal mimicking as well as lots of hugs and tickles.  


Infants have the opportunity to play with textured toys, mirrors, and to explore with their hands and mouths. 

Social and Emotional

Infants will begin to recognize their friends' faces and will get plenty of hugs and cuddles.


We teach basic baby sign language, read, sing, and make eye contact while talking with all of our daycare children.

Fine Motor

Grasping small food off trays, waving, and coloring are activities we work on with our infants.

Gross Motor

We provide plenty of tummy time and encourage scooting, rolling over, and pulling themselves up.


We have exciting weekly daycare themes which incorporate the core developmental areas with fun learning experiences.

Real-Time Updates

We use the Brightwheel app which allows us to give real-time day care updates on bottle feedings, diaper changes, meals, naps, as well as sending notes, photos, and videos. 

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